We've been working hard towards a smarter and greener theatre

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In a bid to address climate change and reduce our impact on the environment, we established our own in-house 'Green Team' in June 2019. 

We are committed into making the venue as sustainable and energy efficient as possible, and a number of initiatives have already been implemented which have helped to save energy and manage natural resources.

If you have any suggestions about how you think we could improve then please do feel free to make contact with our 'Green Team'.

Previous actions...

  • Installation of 40 Photovoltaic (Electricity) solar panels on the roof generating 18,000 kWh of electricity each year
  • Motion activated lights in many areas of the building, including dressing rooms, toilets, and corridors, where lighting doesn't need to be left on all the time, only when the space is occupied
  • A Building Management System (BMS) controls and monitors air, radiator and hot water heating by thermostat and timer control
  • LED 'light emitting diode' technology in many areas of the building, including offices and function rooms - with a programmed of replacement of old energy-inefficient lighting with LED's
  • The majority of our stage lighting rig is now LED 'light emitting diode' technology, which saves electricity usage LED Light
  • Coffee beans used in the coffee machines are Fairtrade, and Soil Association approved organic
  • A highly efficient main fan for our air heating system has been installed, replacing the original fan from 1971
  • We've successful developed e-mail list and e-marketing (via social media), alongside a programme encouraging customers to switch from hard copy paper mailings

So far in 2019...

  • Compostable coffee cups are now used in the coffee shop, instead of standard plastic lined coffee cups
  • We've replaced our individual sugar sachets with sugar dispensers in the coffee shop Sugar Dispenser
  • Our What's On brochure printing has been reduced again this season. We now print 70% fewer brochures than previously to ensure less wastage
  • We've reduced the amount of posters and leaflets that are sent to us from shows / events
  • Recycling is carried out where ever possible in the theatre. We re-use where ever we can to minimise waste sent to land fill (e.g. Re-use of single sided outdated leaflets as note pads in th Box Office)
  • Dedicated paper / plastic bottle recycling points are used in our offices, function rooms, foyer and bar areas.

We're currently working on...

  • Swapping to suppliers of fully recyclable ice cream tubs and coffee cups Coffee Cup
  • Replacing our single use plastic cups for bar drinks
  • Installing water saving flush toilets
  • Replacing all our sink taps with 'push button' style taps to save water
  • Removing all paper towel dispensers and replacing them with hand driers / reusable towels
  • Having reusable coffee cups on sale and offering a discount in our coffee shop for using them