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This summer we are searching for Rushmoor's most talented residents!

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If you are a singer, magician, martial artist, yo-yo-er, dancer, musician, acrobat, trampoliner, artist, comedian, actor, film maker, impersonator, cheerleader, hula hooper, BMX trickster or even a keepy-uppy expert - here's your chance to show your talents.

We want you to show us your skills for a chance to win part of the prize pot of £500! The only catch? You've only got 60 seconds to persuade the judges that you are Rushmoor's most talented resident.

Auditions are open to everyone who live in Aldershot or Farnborough, and it can even be your pet that has the talent. Acts will be judged on presentation, content, originality and talent, so it's time to start practicing and get your talent recorded on video ready to enter.

First Place Prize = £300
Second Place Prize = £150
Third Place Prize = £50

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Top Tips for filming:

  • You can film yourself using a camera or camera apps on a range of devices: mobile phones, tablets, or even on a laptop

  • Make sure your video is in landscape, rather than portrait. e.g. If you're using your phone to film, then position it sideways, so that the long edge is at the top and bottom

  • Try to place the camera / device far enough away from you that we see your arms, head and feet in the shot (image) throughout. Ideally position yourself in the centre of the shot as though you were centre stage

  • Use a tripod or place your camera / device on a table, shelf or windowsill, as this will help to avoid shaky footage

  • When choosing a place to make your video, a plain background is better and avoid having a window or the sun directly behind. Before you start, do a final check that...

    • you are happy for people to see everything in the background

    • you don't have pictures, posters or images that might be copyrighted in shot (image)

    • you don't accidentally have anything that appears to be sticking out of your head

    • other people who don't want to be seen in the video are included