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Slimming World

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Weds 5.30pm & 7.30pm, Thurs 9.30am


At Slimming World we understand the need for a family friendly approach and that's where food optimising comes in.

Its a healthier way of eating and living based on making small changes to how you shop, cook and eat.

It doesn't just help you to loose weight-it lays healthy foundations for the whole family that will last a life time.

Slimming World will amaze you! We guarantee you'll enjoy fabulous and filling food that everyone in your family will love.

With support from your consultant and fellow members, you'll soon find you're making small changes that will make a big difference, you'll find:

1. You can eat and enjoy!! with the extra easy plan you can fill up on everyday foods that are filling and naturally low in calories, like fruit, veg lean meat, poultry and fish, and pasta, rice. We call them free foods because you can eat unlimited amounts of them!!!

2. Nothing is off the menu!! we know that a little of what you fancy does you good, you can enjoy your favourite things everyday, whenever its chocolate, crisps or a glass of wine.

3. You'll save £££s as well as lbs!! At Slimming World you'll swap expensive ready cooked meals and takeaways for simple home-cooked dishes the whole family will enjoy, and you'll pick up money-saving hints and tips in group every week.

4. You'll get more active!! Our body magic programme is a simple way for the whole family to get moving more, Frisbee at the park, active games, walking to school rather than taking the car.... its a way of getting active that works for your family , its body magic!!


To discover why Slimming World is the family friendly way to lose weight, give me a call or pop along to one of the groups here at The Princes Hall, I promise you'll never look back.


With lots of joining fee offers and only £4.95 weekly fee, this is one meeting you wont want to miss!

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For more details call Mel on 07462 324644 or email: