Aldershot: Murders and Music Halls

Aldershot: Murders and Music Halls

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Thursday 28 September
Running Time
120 mins
Tickets: £12

Members: 10am on Tuesday 30th May 2023
General Public: 10am on Friday 2nd June 2023

Historic Aldershot Military Town (HAMT) presents Facebook group founder...

Keith Bean

Aldershot: Murders and Music Halls

with Glenn Christodoulou

A revealing look at our historic town.

Photographs and stories of Aldershot and its rise from a barren, desolate heathland. Hear and see how the Army and civilians lived in Aldershot over 100 years ago.

Murders, the Lock Hospital and disease, prostitution, the influences of the Royal Family on the town, and the famous faces who have appeared in the theatres and music halls,
plus much more...

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Thursday 28 September 2023
On Sale Soon